Spring Carp Fishing

As we finally leave the most dreary months of January and February behind, all around us, nature can be seen to be moving up several gears in preparation for the most important phase in the calendar – that of breeding. I have to say that the first two months of the year are by far […]

How Much Bait Should You Use In Spring?

It’s spring, the birds are singing, the sun is out and the carp are active once again. To most anglers that can only mean one thing and around every lake we suddenly hear that sound of lids being wrenched off big old bait buckets as the barrage begins! But is this the right thing to […]

Plan Your Year

JANUARYProbably the most daunting month of the entire calendar. Often brutally cold and always tricky to extract a carp from, January can indeed be testing. Almost every winter we get a big Atlantic storm at the start of the year and if I could, I would be eager to capitalise on this and get a […]

Edges and Reflections

When I look back on it, I stumbled on this particular little rig edge completely by accident. Actually ‘little’ isn’t really the best description; it went on to be (and still is) one of the most effective presentations I have ever used. Winding the clock back, we arrive at autumn, around 2010. It was a […]

Don’t be a follower

Einstein said: ‘The man who walks with the crowd will walk no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no other man has walked before’ I’ve written many times before that if you follow the masses, you will arrive at the same destination as everyone else. […]